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Sharyn Sowell

Mixed media artist and author Sharyn Sowell has two studios: one is a rose-covered cottage in the garden and the other is a little suitcase she calls her traveling studio. Both studios overflow with scissors, paint, inks and glue, just like Sharyn herself, who has inspiration spilling into her journals and all the products she designs.

Sharyn enjoys creating with paper, making hand bound albums and journals, party decorations and cards. A river of feathers, glitter and tiny scraps cover the carpet in her studio. You might arrive in her garden to find Sharyn on a ladder stringing paper lanterns in the gazebo or paper tags with poetry dangling in the cherry trees.

Sharyn's favorite manicure is ink-stained fingers in every color of the rainbow. Her art delivers the message that real life is the best fairy tale, every moment a precious opportunity ripe with possibilities.




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