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One Crazy Sister Club by Janet Rae Nesbitt

The ltty Bitty Collection designed by One Sister was created with the "One Crazy Sister Club" in mind. One Sister designer, Janet Rae Nesbitt had long been known for her scrappy quilting techniques and crazy pattern style. Janet incorporates a unique primitive color palette with her Crazy pattern method. Blending prints and yarn dye fabrics to create her look.

Please see the attached examples of the free projects; including eight small projects and a grand finale quilt. These projects will be offered to shops that order $1000.00 or more of the ltty Bitty collection. Club members are awarded with these nine, free quilt projects designed by Janet. These projects will be made available to the club members with a password code in September 2018. See more about the club and fill out the club form by selecting this link. For any questions or more details, contact Larry Reichenberg at


Grand Finale Crazy Good Life Quilt

This is the Grand Finale Quilt! Create this Crazy Good Life Quilt from the leftover blocks of the previous projects. This is your student's graduation project. Images of the other eight free projects are shown on the inside pages of this brochure.

One Crazy Sister Club

The One Crazy Sister Club encourages you to join together in each of the nine sessions for an itty bit of fun! Piece a bit of crazy goodness. Have a crazy good time. You will find that the Itty Bitty blocks and projects are a bit smaller than normal to make downloading easier. The projects are just an "itty bit" crazy, and still packed with Crazy good fun! Student participants will pick up piecing techniques and helpful hints each session, until they graduate and officially become "One Crazy Sister!" The logo is provided as part of the club so that shops can personalize their graduation ceremonies with t-shirts, bags, etc. So, join in the fun and start your club today!

FOR THE SHOPS: What each session can include:
Session 1: Basket blocks: Teach basics of crazy piecing including using the dots on the master patterns.
Session 2: Flower blocks: To complete Laugh, Bloom & Grow. Add-ons include hints for bias tape makers for stems, applique hints or substituting yo-yo centers and add on yo-yo makers. Can also substitute wool for the applique if your shop carries wool.
Session 3: Pumpkin blocks. This could also be split into two sessions for large and small pumpkins at the shop's discretion/time limitations. Teach stacking in two piles and trading. Talk about fussy cutting the stems for substitution into the fabric stack. Complete the Happy Fall Project.
Session 4: Stars: Build on the stacking in two piles and this session you will add shuffling for totally scrappy blocks to be used to complete Dash for the Stars.
Session 5: Hearts: This is a great project to discuss making a quilt pattern your own. These blocks could also be made with a 4 color color-way and stacked in 4 color piles, traded and shuffled. Complete Log Cabin Hearts.
Session 6: Houses: This is a great time to discuss that "lights" don't have to be traditional creams. Complete "Happiness is ..." and you will also be able to complete the "ltty Bitty Welcome."
Session 7: Dogs: This block has the most pieces, but students will learn that the technique works just the same for a more complicated block as for a very simple block. Discuss random placement of the balls and that it doesn't have to match the designer's perfectly as long as it looks good to the maker! Complete "It's a Dogs Life."
Session 8: Sunburst blocks: These blocks, too, lend themselves to a particular color-way stacked in separate piles. This quilt has the most design freedom for the maker as they play with how to set their blocks. Complete the Starburst Quilt!
Session 9: Wrap up to use the leftover blocks to complete "Crazy Good Life." Talking/teaching points would help with scrappy block borders and embroidery hints for stitching lettering. Present students/participants with a "One Crazy Sister" diploma and/or item of your choosing i.e. t-shirt, bag or mug using the supplied logo.

Laugh, Bloom & Grow
Basket blocks create the Laugh, Bloom & Grow project

Dash for the Stars
Star blocks create the Dash for the Stars project

Happy Fall
Large and small pumpkin blocks create the Happy Fall project

House blocks create the Happiness Is... project

It's a Dog's Life
Dog blocks create the It's a Dog's Life project

Log Cabin Heart
Heart blocks create the Log Cabin Heart project

ltty Bitty Welcome
ltty Bitty Welcome project

Blue Skies
Sunburst blocks create the Sunny Skies project

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